The beautiful Plaisir Wine Estate is situated at the foot of the Simonsberg Mountain between Paarl and Franschhoek.
The wines produced here are inspired by the harmony of a rich history, the fertile soil and lush vineyards. Our quest in making exceptional wines would have found favour with Huguenot founder, Charles Marais.


Bartinney is set on the dramatic slopes of Botmanskop alongside the Helshoogte Pass overlooking the picturesque Banhoek Valley in Stellenbosch. Michael and Rose Jordaan repurchased the 27 ha family farm in 2006 after it had been sold out of family hand 9 years before, with a vision to create excellent wines and reawaken the charm of the historic land.

Noble Savage Wines

Finding harmony in wildness and delight in taming temptation. Made in Nature and elevated to conquer, the heart of Noble Savage is courageous and good.
A manifestation of sophistication and style, contrasting with a flash of mischief and a sense of fun.

De Waal WINEs

De Waal is renowned for the classic style of its Pinotage wines, the only indigenous South African grape variety. CT de Waal, a member of this family, was the first person to make wine from Pinotage grapes in 1941. Uiterwyk is also the home of Top of the Hill Pinotage, made from the oldest Pinotage vines in the world.


The Goose Wine Estate is based in the unique Upper-Langkloof valley, nestled just behind the Outeniqua Mountains on the picturesque Garden Route of South Africa. The name on the Farm’s Title Deed is “Ganzekraal”, which means “Goose Closure” or “Goose Enclave”.
The farm and the surrounding area were given the name over a century ago when Wild Geese from the area flew down during the day to rest in the cattle and sheep closures.
They would forage on the seeds and pips in the feed, while the animals were out on pasture.
This behaviour was especially prevalent during the times of drought.

Theuniskraal Wines

Theuniskraal, one of Tulbagh’s best-known wine farms and one of
South Africa’s very first white-wine estates, has a history as interesting, and as old, as the town itself.
Situated some 120km from Cape Town, Tulbagh is the centre of one of South Africa’s oldest agricultural regions.

Bellevue Wine Estate

An iconic wine estate offering an exciting range of experiences which include tasting award-winning wines, casual dining, kids play areas and private venues. A destination with a revered position in South African wine history, Bellevue’s vineyard produced the world’s first commercially bottled Pinotage. Come and discover how the pioneering spirit of the Morkel family helped establish Pinotage as South Africa’s signature grape variety.
Enjoy a tasting session, tour our estate and buy wine in our tasting room.

Canto Boutique Wines

Canto wines came about when local owner Marinus Neethling had the opportunity to attain a piece of land in the picturesque Durbanville wine valley.
Being an avid wine enthusiast, the quality of vineyards inspired what we have today as Canto boutique winery.

Ormonde; Ondine; Alexanderfontein; Basson

Wine Estate situated on the West Coast of South Africa in the small village of Darling.

Louis 57 Wines

As the sun sets over the vineyards of Louis57 Oosthuizen, the magic begins. Every grape is lovingly tended by our passionate team, ensuring that only the finest fruit is harvested. From the moment you taste our wines, you will be transported to a world of elegance, luxury, and refinement.

Our wines are not just a product, they are a celebration of life. They are the perfect accompaniment to every occasion, from an intimate dinner with loved ones to a grand celebration with friends. Each bottle is a testament to the artistry and dedication of our winemakers, who pour their hearts and souls into every vintage.

As you sip our wines, you will be transported to a world of beauty and wonder. You will taste the rich history and culture of the Western Cape, and feel the warmth of the African sun on your skin. You will experience the joy and passion of our people, and understand why Louis57 Oosthuizen wines are loved by wine connoisseurs all over the world.

Bruce Jack Wines

Bruce Jack Wines is a global wine business that values value at every price point. We are obsessed with doing the right thing for our wines, our vineyards, and our customers.

We are an independent, family-owned and controlled amalgamation of exciting brands which celebrate authenticity and provenance.
We are different in the way that we source our grapes, communicate about our wine, relate to our customers and distribute around the world.

We are a small, dynamic team with offices around the world. Ultimately, we believe wine is an historic, sophisticated, intriguing and joyful staple in an otherwise confusing and chaotic world.

Wine crafted with love and positive intent can add joy to the world.

The Drift - Beautiful Wine

The Drift Estate is an education in generational thinking. It’s a family focus.
Sometimes, it’s a frank reflection of personal failure. But the mistakes and disappointments are only the slippery steps up a beautiful mountain slope. This is farming, after all.
When you pause for breath and look around at the view, the stumbling is forgotten.
You realise, you are still going forward and upward for all the right reasons. What a privilege. Your eyes and nose and lungs are flooded with freshness and this seeps into your soul.
Your weariness disappears. You feel more. You sense more. You can’t help smiling, and it starts in your heart. Life, and this clamorous endeavour called living, are put into perspective.

Tulbagh Wines

At Tulbagh Wines, we believe that the true essence of South African wine lies in its rich diversity of cultivars. Our vineyards span the spectrum of Tulbagh’s best grapes, with a special focus on crafting fruity blends that pay homage to the warmth and friendliness of our region. Each bottle of Tulbagh Wines is a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation.
Our wines are a celebration of the old-world charm, infused with a fresh, modern twist that resonates with a new generation of wine enthusiasts. We blend old-world values with a contemporary appeal that brings wine lovers together, creating moments of joy and connection.

wine by lamborghini

The Lamborghini estate lies between the south side of the Trasimeno lake and the beautiful medieval village of Panicale.
Situated on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, Cortona and the Chiana valley are only few kms. away from the estate.

The property was purchased in the 60’s by Ferruccio Lamborghini who, traveling in this area, fell in love with the soft rolling hills landscape. After his retirement from the famous car manufacturing activity he decided to go back to his roots: being a farmer.

Post House Wines

There is no single activity which results in a great wine, but rather a combination of activities which add up to something great and unique.

One of these steps is in essence a conscious step back by  interfering as little as possible in the creation of the wine making process and incorporating  traditional wine making methods. This includes natural yeast fermentation, basket pressing and no fining or filtering.


Grande Provence Estate Wears Her 325-Year History With Dignity

Nestled within the breathtaking Franschhoek Valley, enveloped by majestic, untamed mountains, you’ll find yourself in the very heart of South African wine country at its most exquisite. Here, the estate encapsulates the essence of heritage, seamlessly blending the charm of Cape Dutch architecture with the precision and clarity of contemporary design.


Vredenheim is approximately 331 years old and one of the oldest wine estates in the Stellenbosch area of the Cape Winelands.
Owners Coen and Rikie Bezuidenhout acquired Vredenheim in 1986, after moving to the Cape from their game farm in Kwazulu Natal.
The couple’s love for game explains the impressive variety of wildlife on the farm today, including blue wildebeest, springbok, eland, fallow deer and zebras.
Vredenheim is now owned by the couple’s children, Basie and Elzabé Bezuidenhout.

The Tempest Gin

The Tempest Gin embodies the dramatic nature of the Cape of Storms and the abundance of the richest floral kingdom on earth.
Grape spirit and hand-harvested, seasonal, fynbos botanicals are infused and distilled to reflect each unique season.

The name is derived from the latin term tempus meaning time & season and tempestas meaning a violent windstorm frequently accompanied by rain, snow or hail.